Adventures on the Mississaugi Delta

A beautiful and exciting day was had on the Mississaugi Delta day trip this weekend.  Nine paddlers faced the wind to explore the Delta's channels and challenge a brief excursion onto the big water.   Our lunch break on the beach provided opportunity for one brave paddler to take a swim and get in some rolling practice.  With the wind at our back, we had a relaxing and enjoyable cruise home, but not before an unexpected dip and a T-rescue added some extra excitement to the day.  Our day ended with new friendships, smiles from all, and group looking forward to the next trip.

Ribfest! Seeking Volunteers

The Algoma Paddlers will be at Ribfest in Algoma Mills this Saturday with one of our 36' Voyageur Canoes!   Come see us at Lauzon Beach from 12 noon to 5pm to eat some ribs, take a ride in the canoes, chat with club members, check out our summer trip list, or sign up for a membership or for KICK Camp! 
We're also looking for volunteers who can help out with our activities on Saturday.  Contact Wally Van Dyke if you have any time to help with the canoe rides or can man the club booth - or (705) 849-6429.

Upcoming Day Trip & Last Week's Paddle Night

Reminder of our upcoming day trip in the Mississaugi Delta this Saturday! This trip has beautiful scenery, lunch stop on a beach, and lots of opportunity to see wildlife (sneak peek in photos below).

Contact either of our trip leaders if you plan to attend and the equipment director if you need to borrow equipment. 
Trip Leaders: Marc Bradford (, Lauren Iles (
Equipment Director: Gary Smith ( 

Trip Details
Appropriate Type of Boat: Canoe, Touring Kayak, Recreational Kayak Meeting Location: Mississagi River at the end of the Boom camp road. Meet at 10:00 am. Trip Info: Mississagi River delta to Frenchman’s Bay maybe return via the open water of the North Channel, weather permitting. 10 or 20 km with lunch on a beach - plan for 4 - 5 hours. Bring water and lunch. Level of Difficulty: Intermediate (chance of wind or waves)

Upcoming Paddle Night at Granary Lake

Join us for our first paddle night of the summer! Tomorrow evening, June 6th, on Granary Lake - meet at the Granary Lake boat launch at 7:00pm. 

Contact trip leader Brenda Daub if you plan to attend ( and equipment director Gary Smith ( if you need to borrow club equipment.

Directions: 15 km North on Granary Lake Road (over graveyard hill and continue past Birch Lodge, over the hill and stay to your left and at the bottom of the hill is the boat launch) It takes about 25 minute to get there from Blind River.

June 2nd Little White River trip cancelled

Sorry folks, but due to the prolonged high flow in the Little White River we have to cancel or delay this outing.  Water is still in the bushes along the banks and gravel bars are under water.  We will see if another date will work, and let you know.

ORCKA Voyageur Canoe Course

Wally and Sandra ran a very successful ORCKA Voyageur Canoe Level 3A Trip Leader Course last weekend with 15 participants!  We did some C-turns and S-turns, ferries, and peel-outs in the current below the Blind River dam, as well as a self-rescue in the Montreal Canoe and a canoe-over-canoe rescue (North canoe over a Montreal canoe). 

Kudos to all the participants for their hard work!

Our canoes have been moved!

Special thanks to Gary, our Equipment Director who ably coordinated repairs to get these canoes ready for transport, and to Jim, Marc, Kevin, and Sandra who assisted with repairs.
Also thanks to Marc (who obviously has perfected backing up trailers in spite of his attestations to the contrary), and to all the power lifters who made the Canoe Move possible on a perfect day -  Gary (and Natalie), Marc, Jim B, Lisa, Ray and Cindy L, Keith and Cindy Bowser, Warren, Mike, and Jim + Joanie Lindamood, were all there along with Sandra, her brother-in-law Stuart and I to make for 16 of us - and just enough to manage without broken backs...
Thanks also for the food, Joanie and Cindy - it was an unexpected and welcome addition!
What an awesome group of people to share rewarding time with!