Follow up from the depot trip...Sirje (pronounced Syria) says the trip was great - but the weather took an unexpected turn to miserable! Started out sunny and seemingly perfect, quickly turning grey just after departure and then rain progressing from sprinkling to heavy in a short time. By lunch, the rain was over and the sun was struggling to emerge. The temperature never did reach the anticipated high but we finished in sunshine, so I managed to get in my dip at the end...Sirje signs on for the dip !
Small group: 2 couples attended so we were 5 altogether. The company and the scenery were well worth the weather challenges!
Sorry – no pictures that I am aware of!
Next trip Tunnel Lake June 24th - Sirje..details to follow
Ladies' only trip (August 5th) should have been removed from schedule -Sirje is not available.
Additional changes: the July 27th event should read 'potluck and evening paddle'. Please note for this event: RSVP required by July 20th. Parking is tight at Westview Park so if towing a trailer, park at the boat launch and walk across the bridge to the dining area.
Also, Lockhouse Bay N Channel overnight -should read Walkhouse Bay, Aug 26/27 N Channel overnight...