From Wally...
Good News:
The Montreal Canoe rides at The Mississagi Park Lumberjack Days went very smoothly. We did 5 runs with up to 25 in the boat! Most people enjoyed their first ride in a big canoe, some their first ride in any canoe. There were lots of thank you's and one little 6 year-old in particular was just over the moon with enthusiasm - paddled throughout and couldn't get the smile off his face! He came back twice to say how much he loved it and wanted to get into paddling now! He was so cute! He wasn't alone in his appreciation, but he certainly was remarkable.
That's why we do this, and it's so good to get these reminders.
Thanks to Maureen, Sandra, and Laura for their enthusiasm and expertise. Maureen was a trooper with Registration and pfd's, ably assisted by Rob who was lent to us as a spare volunteer by the Park. He too was awesome, and upbeat, - dragged his family out, answered French fluently went out on two rides. Sandra and Laura are very capable paddlers and I could relax and know that the boat and the people were safe. It was a good day.

Lumberjack Fun