Long wknd Walkhouse Bay from our trip leader Sirje..."Yes, the trip was a go! There were 3 of us - all ladies! (I've been trying to run ladies only trips for a few years and have had few takers and now, when I opened it up to all, only girls were interested!) Kathy Ellis and Laura Chaplinski joined me for a fabulous weekend on the very scenic Whalesback Channel - in my opinion even more gorgeous than the Benjamins! Weather was absolutely perfect for Friday and Saturday (picture smooth as glass waters and bright sunshine), however, Sunday held some cloudy, windy weather for us; nothing terrible, just a contrast to the great days proceeding our return. We managed to explore the John Island coastline and Beardrop Harbour for total of something in the neighbourhood of 35 km! A great campsite with a view of the setting sun, great company with plenty of chatter, and great food - what a way to top off the summer paddling!"