From Wally---Pool Sessions April 21 -22

From my perspective as Past President, pool sessions are always very rewarding - it's so satisfying to see the skill progression possibilities for beginners right through to hard core paddlers in these sessions. Everyone benefits from pushing their skill sets. 

Spontaneous cheers marked "aha moments" again this year as significant hurdles were achieved by very brave participants. It would be inappropriate for me to describe some of these very personal hurdles (perhaps participants could be invited to do that themselves) but I'm happy I was healthy enough to be there to witness those achievements.  I should at least say this: 

I really appreciated the extra support that made these sessions happen.  I believe Sirje, Laura, Sue, and Lauren organized the booking and registration which went smoothly. I also know so well that equipment doesn't magically appear - but it seemed to this year, thanks to Marc and Gary and the Crawfords/Fortins - in tough conditions. Thanks to all of you for the logistics!

Jim, it's always an honour to instruct with you, witness your dedication to paddling (and craftsmanship!) and share quality time as true friends. Sonya, you are a successful rolling instructor (youngest triple-paddle-sport instructor in the province!), and Tiana, at age 11, you are an inspiring student - and now a kayak roller - something that probably less than one in at least a thousand adults can claim! Congrats on the achievement, both of you! Sandra, the appreciative texts and requests you've already received from students you worked with are a tribute to your instructional skills. We're lucky to have you. 

In summary - thanks to the efforts of many - many paddlers (novice and hard-core, young and old) again had a great opportunity to improve skills together, as the paddling season begins. How cool is that! 



Wally Van Dyke