Special thank you to the Historic Cordukes/Weber 12-sided Barn Committee

As published in the December 26th, 2018 issue of the North Shore Sentinel.  

NORTH SHORE - The Algoma Paddlers Canoe and Kayaking Club (AP) was formed in 2006 to protect and sustain paddling interests and the promotion of all aspects of paddle related activities.  
We are a non-profit, community-oriented, nature-based organization aiding in enhancing the welfare of individuals along the North Shore of Lake Huron.  
With the vast amounts of beautiful lakes throughout the area, our goal is to promote water safety and improve recreational skills by offering certified courses from the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA). 
We also offer a great youth camp called Kids into Kayaking and Canoeing (KICK Camp) and currently employ eight KICK Camp summer staff and interns. 
Besides providing instruction and membership trips, we are proud owners of 36’ Montreal Canoes.
During the 1800’s French Canadians used these vessels to transport furs and were instrumental in the development of opening up this vast country of ours.  
We have a heritage to preserve and offer services for special community events, such as participating in 1812 reenactments, Provincial Park events, community days, and traditional journeys for local First Nations. 
Through the grant system, the Algoma Paddlers were able to obtain enclosed storage trailers to house our kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, life jackets and paddles to protect them from the elements and vandalism. 
Unfortunately we have not been able to successfully house our Montreal canoes until now, with the generosity of another volunteer group located in Sowerby.
On behalf of the Algoma Paddlers, we would like to thank the Historic Cordukes/Weber 12-Sided Barn Committee for saving our 36’ Montreal Canoes by allowing us to store them in their barn this winter! 
After having many doors close on our attempts to find safe storage, a noble group of individuals stepped up to the plate to help us out in our time of need. 
Pictured below, the Montreal canoes leave the shores of Lake Duborne, north of Blind River, enroute to Sowerby.  This support will enable us to save these large noble Montreal canoes from the perils of our winters. 
The Algoma Paddlers commend the Historical Cordukes/Weber 12-Sided Barn Committee in understanding how important it is to work together during these lean times. We would also like to thank them for having the foresight in recognizing the urgency in our dilemma and stepping up to the plate to help a fellow organization.
-Algoma Paddlers Reporter