Our canoes have been moved!

Special thanks to Gary, our Equipment Director who ably coordinated repairs to get these canoes ready for transport, and to Jim, Marc, Kevin, and Sandra who assisted with repairs.

Also thanks to Marc (who obviously has perfected backing up trailers in spite of his attestations to the contrary), and to all the power lifters who made the Canoe Move possible on a perfect day -  Gary (and Natalie), Marc, Jim B, Lisa, Ray and Cindy L, Keith and Cindy Bowser, Warren, Mike, and Jim + Joanie Lindamood, were all there along with Sandra, her brother-in-law Stuart and I to make for 16 of us - and just enough to manage without broken backs...

Thanks also for the food, Joanie and Cindy - it was an unexpected and welcome addition!

What an awesome group of people to share rewarding time with!